Natural Mirror Of Leirsjøen Trondheim - AZIZ NASUTI ART GALLERY
Natural Mirror Of Leirsjøen Trondheim - AZIZ NASUTI ART GALLERY
Natural Mirror Of Leirsjøen Trondheim - AZIZ NASUTI ART GALLERY
Natural Mirror Of Leirsjøen Trondheim - AZIZ NASUTI ART GALLERY

Natural Mirror Of Leirsjøen Trondheim

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Natural Mirror Of Leirsjøen Trondheim.


Stor Leirsjøen or Stor Leir Lake is located in Leirelvvassdraget in Trondheim City Market. Leirsjøen was originally separated from Frøsetvatnet in the east, but at the time of the damnment in 1929 the waters flowed together. Leirsjøen was a drinking water source in the years 1922 to 1993, and a source of backup water after that. For this reason it has not been permitted to fish in the water. The result is a large stock of small-scale trout and char. For sample fishing, the average size in the catches was about 100 grams. There are also three-pointed stingsild in the water. Besides, beaver has rest in the water.
The water has an inlet from Litl-Leirsjøen to the west and leads to Leirelva to the east.

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 1X2 Format. Please contact if you couldn't find your desired sizes or you need a specific sizes. 
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  • Paper

    Museum heritage 310 gram Natural white textured Fine Art paper for smaller picture than 40 cm wide and for bigger pictures a photo placate will will be used with great quality. Framing is not included except if it has been mentioned. All framed pictures shown in special offer and Limited Edition gallery have frame included. 

    For those pictures that frame are included the quality of the glass and frame is written in the description of the photos. 

    Art glass: Best quality glasses that have minimum reflection with premium qualities have been used in Limited Edition gallery. 

    • Canvas
    Canvas pictures are of the highest quality and are not bleached by sunlight. A  strong canvas cloth will be used that is mounted on a blind frame. The blind frame is made in very light-weighted and easy to mount, which makes the image stable and light.
    • Canvas, 100% cotton
    • Canvas, 390 g / m2
    • Frame thickness 30 mm

    • Aluminium

    3mm aluminium plate white will be used. A direct print on the aluminum plate is so great in itself that a frame becomes superfluous. When printing on an aluminum plate, the color and shine of the image are highlighted and the subject looks extra fine.



    For bigger formats  (Fig. left). For smaller formats (20 x 30 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 30 x 40 cm, 30 x 45 cm) Mirror plates, set of 2 (Fig. right)

    • Plexiglass (acrylic)
    Your image gets printed directly onto the back of a 5 mm thick sheet of clear acrylic. The high gloss of the acrylic sheet complements the rich colors of any image to produce stunning results. Aluminum Mounting Posts will be used for mounting as showed in the picture.

    • Gallery Print  (Best quality)
    Experience wall decorations in the most beautiful edition!
    The premium variant for image presentation: UV direct printing on acrylic glass gives your images a high color gloss. The aluminum plate seal ensures stability and an elegant look.
    2mm Glass in front and 2mm aluminium on the backside. 
    High color gloss thanks to direct UV printing
    Impressive depth effect
    High quality aluminum plate ensures stability
    Our very best wall decoration

    • Aluminium 150X60 cm  
    Mounting aluminium rail will be used for larger picture than 40X60 cm.


    •   Plexiglass (Acryl). Size 130X80 cm)
    • Plexiglass (120X60 cm)
    • Canvas (Lerret) 110X70 cm 
    • Canvas (Lerret) 100X80 cm 
    • Gallery Print 150X50 cm
    • Gallery Print 120X80 cm

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