Product quality and size

Pictures from this website have a high-quality resolution which can be printed from A4 to several meters.

Pictures from this website are offered in five qualities including (Paper, Canvas, Aluminum, Plexiglass, and Gallery Print). For details please see Product info.

It depends on your need size and the place that you want to put the pictures. if you are not sure please contact me.

Shipping policy

The products can be sent to whole Norway free of charge. For Trondheim delivery, it can be arranged with the artist.

To whole Norway with free shipping. For outside Norway please contact me.

If the product is ready it will be shipped or delivered within1-2 days if not it takes between 7-10 days.

Returns and exchanges

All products from this website are fully guaranteed for quality and feil free delivery.

This can be arranged with the artist for any inquiries. Please contact me.